Christmas, a Condition of the Heart

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“Guideposts” recorded a scene on Christmas Day in a home.

The Christmas gifts had all been opened, the meal had been eaten, and the family had settled down for rest and relaxation.

Billy’s grandfather said to his grandson,

“Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?”

“Nooooo,” the little boy drawled.

But, brightening up, he added,

You see, it’s not my birthday, after all!“It really doesn’t matter. You see, it’s not my birthday, after all!”1

“Christmas is not a date on a calendar, but a condition of the heart.”2

                                  May all have a blessed and Christ-honoring Christmas!
                                                        Dave and Linda Arnold


1. "Live" Magazine, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, Mo., December 24, 1972.

2. "Live" Magazine, Gospel Publishing House, Sprinfield, MO. January 10, 1974.

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