The Doors of Heaven

A small child was taken to an orphanage, due to abject poverty. open-door-1152770-m

He was accustomed to sharing one glass of milk with others. On his first day at his new home, he was given a large glass of milk at breakfast.

Clutching it eagerly, the little fellow asked, “Please, can I drink all of it?” 1

Often, the good things of God seem almost too good to be true.

Asaph wrote in Psalm 78:23, concerning God’s care for His people in the wilderness, “He opened the doors of heaven.”

This is a metaphor taken from a granary, from which the corn is brought.

Opening the doors signifies that the daily manna fell very plentifully. 2 This is speaking of the bountiful blessings of God.

A. B. Simpson told a story of a rich man who lost his only son, and after the father’s own death, his will could not be found.

After searching in vain, the State attorney ordered the property sold so the estate could be settled.

“He opened the doors of heaven.”On the day of the auction, a poor old woman, who once cared for the rich man’s only child,

begged the auctioneer to let her buy a picture of the boy.


She had only a few coins, but nobody seemed to want the picture, so it was sold to her.

She went home, pleased to have a portrait of the child she loved so dearly. A few days later, when repairing the back of the picture, she found a hidden legal document. She took it to a lawyer, who said, “You have certainly made a great find. This is the old man’s will, and he has left all his property to anybody who loved his boy enough to buy his picture!”

God, too, has left a will by which all His fortune becomes the inheritance of those who love His Son. 3

“How thankful we should be that God’s blessings are dispensed according to the riches of His grace, and not according to the poverty of our faith.” 4

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