The Divine Dynamic and Stimulus

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Henry Drummond, distinguished preacher of long past, was riding over a mountain  road with a driver who had been reduced to a defeated, struggling believer because of his inability to overcome a bad habit.

Drummond, being the kind man that he was, soon had the man telling him his story, sadly declaring how this bad habit was leading him to complete ruin.

“What can I do, sir?” he said to Drummond.

“Suppose,” answered Drummond, “that this team of horses should suddenly become frightened and run away, and this carriage should go careening around these mountain turns and we were in great danger. Suppose you knew that I was the most expert horseman in the realm, well able to handle any horses, however wild or out of control, what would you do?”

The coachman said, “Why, sir, I would instantly put the reins in your hands.”

Drummond said, “Certainly, and why don’t you put the reins of your life into the hands of the great Expert in human nature.” 1

In Romans 7:24, Paul exclaimed, “O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?”

J. Oswald Sanders remarked, “What is the secret? Romans Chapter 7 is studded with the capital ‘I,’ which occurs more than thirty times, while the Holy Spirit is mentioned only once.What is the secret?


In chapter 8, it is the Holy Spirit who is prominent, and the capital ‘I’ occurs only twice – and, even then, in a joyous connection.

The open secret is that deliverance from domination of sin will be ours when the capital ‘I’ ceases to be central, and the Holy Spirit is honored and obeyed. He can then mediate the resurrection power of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the Divine Dynamic and the Divine Stimulus.” 2

“God wants us to be victors, not victims; to soar, not to sink; to overcome, not to be overwhelmed.” 3

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