The Deepest Impression

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Charles Colson wrote, “Holiness doesn’t stop with our own condition, but carries over into actions that affect the world around us.

John Wesley famously said there is no holiness apart from social holiness.” 1

A veteran minister stated how he heard of a preacher who told a doubtful joke to an unsaved man.

His concern was that, evidently, the preacher wanted to give the impression that preachers are used to the dark, but, actually, he was accommodating himself to the dungeon of this age.

Dr. John H. Jowett described this peril,

“We are tempted to leave our noontide lights behind in our study, and to move among men with a dark lantern which we can manipulate to suit our company.

We pay the tribute of smiles to the low business standard. We pay tribute of laughter to the fashionable jest. We pay the tribute of easy tolerance to ambiguous pleasures. We soften everything to a comfortable acquiescence. We seek to be all things to all men to please all. We run with the hare, and hunt the hounds.

We become the victims of illicit compromise. There is nothing distinctive about our character.” 2

Lighthouses blow no horns. They only shineHebrews 12:14 commands, “Pursue holiness.”

“Pursue” denotes swift running in order to catch something. The idea is that of active pursuit. 3

“A holy life will produce the deepest impression. Lighthouses blow no horns. They only shine!” (D. L. Moody). 4

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