The Child That Is

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In The Little Palace Beautiful, there are four rooms.

The first room is called Fancy. In this room looking out toward the south sleeps a little child, a beautiful baby. It is called the Child-That-Never-Was. It was longed for, hoped for, dreamed of, but it never came.

In the west room, looking out toward the sunset, the room called Memory, is the Child-That-Was. Here sleeps the little fellow that came and stayed just long enough to gather up all our heart’s love and then he went away.

In the room toward the north, the room of Experience, is the Child-That-Is.

He is the little fellow that now plays in your home.

And in the room looking out toward the sunrise, the room called Hope, is the Child-That-Is-To-Be.

All four children capture our interest, but we can only care for just one,The-Child-That-Is.

He is the little fellow that now plays in your home.We remember with sadness The-Child-That-Was. We have great hopes for The-Child-That-Is-To-Be, but we must realize that all his future is locked up in The-Child-That-Is. 1

Ephesians 6:4 instructs us concerning our children, and says to “bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.”

“Bring them up” implies a serious responsibility for their spiritual, moral, mental, and physical well-being. 2

  An influential pastor of many years ago said, “The world’s future salvation is in our cradles, in our homes, and in our nurseries today. To train our children for God is the highest of all high tasks.” 3

A little boy asked his mother which of the characters in The Pilgrim’s Progress she liked best.

She replied, “Christian, of course; he is the hero of the whole story.” Her son said, “I don’t, Mother; I like Christiana best, for when Christian went on his pilgrimage, he started alone, but when Christiana went she took her children with her.” 4

 “The character of your children’s tomorrow depends on what you put in their hearts today.” 5

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