The Arm of The Lord

David Arnold

Many years ago, during the construction of one of the bridges over the East River in New York, the engineers were baffled by an old sunken barge which lay embedded in the river bottom. Powerful engines, steel cables, derricks, and tugs were powerless to remove the obstruction.

bargeatseaA young man, fresh from technical school, thought he could solve the problem. At low tide, he had a large barge towed out to the spot, had cables attached to either side and fastened to the sunken derelict. As the tide came in from the Atlantic, the barge rose, bringing with it the submerged wreck. The young engineer had linked to his task the awesome power of the ocean tides.

Isaiah wrote, “The Lord has made bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of our God” (52:10).

The Holy Arm Made Bare

The meaning of this Scripture is clouded, unless one has seen the women of the Bible lands taking their long flowing sleeves, tying the ends in a knot, and throwing them over their shoulders to leave the arms bare so they can work unhindered. The men will do the same with the long sleeves of their kamise, tie the ends together, and throw them over their heads, so that they can go out to fight and not be hindered by long pointed sleeves.

We will all see his power.  Thus, “The Lord has made bare His holy arm” means He is coming to deliver and rescue His people as a warrior, and we will all see the effects of His awesome power.

“Each worker for Christ, in his own particular sphere, meets with many valleys and mountains, crooked places and rough ones, which God alone can deal with. Let him rejoice, not only that God’s power is equal to the occasion, but also that there are difficulties of such a nature as to make the putting forth of that power a visible and notable thing” (J. Hudson Taylor).

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