Kings Kids shouldn't live like the World's Slaves

Hudson Taylor, at thirty-seven, had already proven himself as a man of faith and an exceptional missionary warrior. Yet, he still longed for a victory he did not have. He was often restless and irritated, and defeated in his prayer life. As a struggling Christian, he knew there must be something better for him.

pencilHe read a letter from a fellow missionary of the China Inland Mission, expressing to his director how he had come into joy and peace, and victory. Hudson Taylor “saw it in a flash,” he wrote, and his “exchanged life” began: a miracle of Christ working out through him.

He then wrote the guardian of his children in England to teach them in their young years, not only God’s plan of salvation by grace through faith, to bring them to conversion. He also wanted them to know of God’s plan of present salvation by grace, through faith, to enable them to live a victorious life.

The prophet Micah spoke of the coming Savior, “Therefore he shall give them up, until the time that she who is in labor has given birth” (5:3). The phrase “give them up” speaks of how the world was subject to Satan’s rule. However, the phrase, “she who is in labor,” announced a breakthrough in the fierce battle. The “birth” of Christ would prove to be the establishing of warfare against the enemy, not only to make salvation a future experience, but a present, victorious reality!

“It's quite inconceivable that a man should be given this faith in Christ, that he should accept this gift which Christ offers, and still go on contentedly in sin. For the very thing which Christ offers us is salvation from sin – not only salvation from the guilt of sin, but also salvation from the power of sin.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center