Romantic Recklessness

After the tragic 1986 Challenger accident that took the lives of Christa McAuliffe and her crewmates, Barbara Morgan – McAuliffe’s backup – became NASA’s designated Teacher in Space.

Morgan visited schools nationwide to talk about her commitment to the space program.

“We’ve become afraid to take risks,” declared the third grade teacher from McCall, Idaho. “Kids don’t see adults crossing the continent in covered wagons or sailing the Atlantic in leaky boats. Most of the risk-taking they’re exposed to is on TV – bluff and bluster.

I volunteered because I felt we needed to show kids what you do in terrible situations.

  • You don’t quit.
  • You don’t back up.
  • You go on.

As dangerous as space exploration can be – as much of a new frontier as it is – it belongs to everyone. A teacher in space would be, like Christa McAuliffe, a leader who shows all of us the way, by literally reaching for the stars.”

In the midst of doubt and corruption, we read of a man who was willing to take a risk.

“By faith, Noah, prepared an ark and became heir of righteousness which is according to faith” (Hebrews 11:7).

Clovis G. Chappell said, “There is nothing that so pleases God as the most daring and reckless and romantic faith. He is never so joyed as when men trust Him with mad abandon. Never once did He praise a prudent and conservative faith. All His encomiums are for those who trust Him with a romantic recklessness.”

Walt Disney said, “When I was nearly 21 years old I went broke for the first time. I slept on cushions from an old sofa, and ate cold beans out of a can. Then I set out for Hollywood, California.”

As reflected on his building of Disney Land, he confessed, “I didn’t know what I couldn’t do; so I was willing to take a chance and try anything.”

“Never tell a person that something cannot be done. God may have been waiting for centuries for somebody ignorant enough of the impossibilities to do that very thing.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center

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