Religious Froth

Many years ago, an attempt to defraud was detected at the United States Mint.

A package was delivered purporting to contain gold grains. The grains appeared to be genuine, and even passed the acid test. Subsequently, a careful analysis was made to ascertain what the article really was, and of what it was composed.

The result was astonishing, revealing an ingenious device for the deception of those dealing in gold bullion. The grains were found to be nothing more, nor less, than steel filings. To give them the appearance of grains of the precious metals, they were covered with fine gold, which was made to adhere by the use of a composition of turpentine.

Hypocrites are often able to pick up a coating of various religious manners and give an outward appearance, but who are really “base metal.”

James speaks of how “one’s religion is useless” (James 1:26). He is referring to those who are phony, not genuine, spurious, counterfeit, and false. Actually, he is boldly attacking shallow, hypocritical religion. Someone has pointed out “that since hypocrisy means being different from what we really are, it refers not only to appearing more than we are, but also to appearing less than we are.”

An increasing number of antique leather-bound books were being purchased for their covers, and not their content. Interior designers bought them to create a warm, old-world atmosphere in the homes of affluent clients. Of prime importance was whether they matched a room’s décor. One wealthy businessman purchased 13,000 antique books he will never read just to create a library look in his expensive home. Those books were just for show.

“We practice daily what we believe. All the rest is religious froth” (Peter Lord).

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center

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