Perfectly Natural - Thoroughly Practical

Many years ago, a boy was born in Russia who thought himself to be so ugly, he was certain that he would and could not ever be happy in life.

He bemoaned the fact that he had a wide nose, thick lips, small gray eyes, and large hands and feet. He was so discouraged about his ugliness, he asked God to work a miracle and turn him into a handsome man

He promised God that if He would do this, he would give Him all he possessed, as well as all he might have in the future.

That Russian boy was Count Tolstoy, one of the world’s profound authors in the twentieth century, best known for his epic War and Peace.

In one of his books, Tolstoy admits that through the years he discovered that the beauty of a physical appearance he so longed for, was not the only beauty in life. It was not even the best beauty.

Instead, he came to regard the beauty of a strong character as the most pleasing thing in God’s sight.

When David said in Psalm 26:1, “I have walked in my integrity,” he meant “completeness, uprightly.” He was saying that character is not merely a segment of one’s personality, for it completely encompasses the whole personality.

Matthew Wilks preached from the text, “See that you walk circumspectly.”

He explained: “Did you ever see a tom cat walking on the top of a high wall that was covered with bits of broken glass bottles? If so, you had, just then, an accurate illustration of what is meant by the injunction, ‘See that you walk circumspectly."

“Lord, make us intensely spiritual; but keep us perfectly natural, and thoroughly practical” (Old Methodist preacher of years ago).

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center

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