One's Harvest

Years ago, a preacher came one day to a town to preach.

There was almost nobody out to hear him.

He preached a powerful sermon, then said,

“I don’t know what I have accomplished by coming to this town. I only know that I have come with God in my heart and have done my best. I am not keeping books. God is doing that. Some day on the other side of the River I am going to take down my book and look at it -- God will let me – and I am going to see just what I accomplished when I came to your town.”

Psalm 19:11 promises that for those who are faithful and obedient to God “there is great reward.”

“Reward” hints that the main reward is yet to come.

It signifies “the heel,” as if the reward would come to us at the end of life when the work is done -- not while the labor was in hand, but when it was gone and we could see the heel of it.

There is a marble tablet placed into the outside wall of Plymouth’s High Street Chapel, bearing these luminous words:

Erected by friends as a Memorial of their esteem and  respect for
Who, while earning his livelihood
By mending shoes, gratuitously educated
And, in part, clothed and fed some hundreds of Poor Children
He died suddenly
On the first of January, 1839,  age 72 years
“Thou shalt be blessed: -- For they Cannot Recompense thee.”

“It is important to remember that one’s harvest is not always reaped in this life.” 

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center


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