One Old Bullfrog

  An aged minister spoke of serving five years in his first pastorate, and forty-one in his second.

Giving advice to younger men, he said,

“I left my first pastorate scared away by criticism, afterwards to learn that the noise had all been made by one man."

One person, in  a church, ministry, or organization, may be outspoken and persistent in complaining, trying to give the impression that all is wrong, and that everyone else feels the same.

This reminds me of the old story about the ‘frog-farm.’

A farmer advertized a ‘frog farm’ for sale, claiming that he had a pond that was thoroughly stocked with fine bullfrogs.

A prospective buyer appeared, and was taken late one evening to the pond that he might hear the frogs. The noise was so impressive, the buyer immediately purchased the ‘frog farm.’

Soon thereafter, the new buyer proceeded to drain the pond in order to catch and market the frogs. To his surprise, when the water was drained out of the pond, he found that all the racket was being made by one old bullfrog!”

In John 6:41, we read, “Then the Jews murmured against Him.”

The Jews complained and criticized Christ, and it is significant that the same word is used here as in the Septuagint of Israel regarding “murmuring in the wilderness.”

Arthur W. Pink expressed, “In few things does the depravity of the human heart reveal itself so plainly and so frequently as in murmuring against God. It is a sin which few, if any, are preserved from.”

“If you keep beating a dead horse, all you will get is flies” (Old Southern Saying). 

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center 

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