One of the Greatest Phrases in the World

Years ago, at a conference, a panel was discussing what makes Christianity different from all the other religions in the world.

Some of the participants argued that Christianity is unique in teaching that God became man. But someone objected, saying that other religions teach similar doctrines.

What about the resurrection? No, it was argued, other faiths believe that the dead rise again. The discussion grew heated.

C. S. Lewis, a strong defender of Christianity, came in late, sat down, and asked,

“What’s the rumpus about?”

When he learned that it was a debate about the uniqueness of Christianity, he immediately commented,

“Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace.”

Ephesians 2:8 informs that man is saved by “grace.” This is a translation of the word charity. When used in this sense it indicates that “loving-kindness, goodwill, or some kindly act has been received from one who gives cheerfully.”

In his book entitled Romans Verse by Verse, William R. Newell gives several observations about grace.

  1. Grace is God acting freely in love and righteously in view of the Cross.
  2. The cause of grace is not in the recipient at all, but wholly in the Giver.
  3. Grace does not act where there is ability or desert. It does not help; it does all.
  4. Flesh has no part in the plan of grace. 

“Rise my soul! Adore and wonder!
Ask, ‘O why such love to me?’
Of the Savior’s family: Hallelujah!
Thanks, eternal thanks to Thee.”

“One of the greatest phrases in all the world is ‘the grace of God.’”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center


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