No Time Like the Pleasant

Calvin Coolidge, the thirtieth president of the United States, exhibited an uncanny ability of projecting that life has a way of taking care of itself.

One day, Mr. Coolidge lay down for a nap in the executive office of the White House. It was a busy day, and important visitors and matter of the nation waited while the President slept peacefully on past the time when he should have gone back to work. His secretary tiptoed anxiously in and out, hesitating to awaken his chief, yet noticeably concerned.

Finally, the President awakened, and, opening one eye, inquired with a sheepish look, “Is the country still here?” - (Humor in the White House: the wit of five American presidents By Arthur A Sloane)

In Psalm 119:32, the Hebrew word, translated “enlarge,” can connote “the alleviation of trouble or anxiety.” It can also mean “adequate room to move, and so a greater ease of life, gladness in a certain situation, or creating a favorable opportunity.” The message is that a heart yielded to God will be pleasant and joyful, free from turmoil.

A number of years ago, a captain was commanding a ship from Liverpool to New York.

On the voyage, his family was on board with him. One night, when all were quietly sleeping, a sudden, violent storm appeared, causing massive waves to strike the vessel. As the ship tossed from side to side, everything that was moveable begin to tumble and crash, awakening the passengers. They all realized they were in imminent peril. Instantly, everyone got up, and dressed, being ready for the worst.

The captain’s eight- year-old girl, awoke with the rest. “What’s the matter?” she asked. They told her of the storm. “Is father on deck?” she inquired. “Yes, your father’s on deck.” The little thing returned to her room, and rested her head on the pillow, without fear.

“There is no time like the pleasant.” - Oliver Herford (1863--1935),U.S. poet.

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center

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