No Logical Explanation

Howard Foltz, D.Min., related: “I have ministered all over the world, and have heard stories that seemed to have no logical explanation outside God’s intervention.

One story in particular stands out. Ben Taylor, a colleague, told me about a trip that he had taken to a church in the mountains near La Ceiba, Honduras. His driver was Tito Rodriques, the national superintendent of churches for a Latin American denomination.

Late in the afternoon, Ben related, Tito stopped abruptly in the middle of the road, saying that he had something to show his passengers. Ben exited the car, and found himself in front of a 30-foot wooden span that crossed a deep chasm.

Tito said that he had been on this road a month earlier on his way to a preaching engagement. The weather had been horrible. The region had endured a three-day storm because of a hurricane. Tito had made the trip anyway, and when he arrived in the village, everyone was surprised to see him.

‘How did you get here?’ they asked. ‘I came on the road from La Ceiba,’ he replied. ‘That’s impossible!’ the villagers told him. ‘The bridge washed out last night.’ Tito told them that the bridge must have already been repaired. He could tell, he said, because the wood was still white and unweathered.

‘No, Tito. The bridge is gone,’ they told him.

A few of the villagers accompanied him to the chasm to prove their point. And they were right – there was no bridge.

Yet, Tito had crossed the chasm safely, driving across a bridge made of brand-new wood.

‘I still get goose bumps when I tell the story,’ Ben said. ‘If Tito had driven into that chasm, he would be dead for sure. Miracles are events that can be explained only as our Father’s supernatural intervention into human lives. How sad, for in losing the wonder of the miraculous, we lose sight of Jesus Christ, who is ‘the same yesterday, and today, and forever'' (Hebrews 13:8).

  “Past deliverances are sure earnests of future ones.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center 


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