No God at the Helm

Ever wonder about the panic that would occur if there were no God at the helm? A story tells of passengers on a jet plane, when over the intercom came this announcement,
“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, you are on a historic flight. This is the first completely automated airplane. No human being is in control. Everything is under automation. We want to assure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry, worry, worry, worry,…”

Psalm 19 is one of the greatest Psalms for its profound and comprehensive subject.

Here, God is revealed in NATURE (vv. 1 – 6), then, in SCRIPTURE (vv.7 – 11), and finally, in EXPERIENCE (vv. 12 – 14).

In his 'Guide to the Psalms, W. Graham Scroggie wrote, “Contemplate therefore the skies, or the Scriptures, or the soul, and you are face to face with God.

In the skies is revealed His Glory; in the Scriptures, His Greatness, and in the soul, His Grace. The whole is a revelation of religion, and in its three aspects, Natural (vv. 1 – 6), Revealed (vv. 7 – 11), and Practical (vv. 12 – 14). First of all, that which is material, above; second, that which is historical, below; and finally, that which is experimental, within.”

A French astronomer said, “I have swept the universe with my telescope, and I find no God.”

J. W. Hawley responded to him, “That is as unreasonable as for me to say, ‘I have taken my violin apart, I have examined each piece with my microscope, and I find no music.’’’

“Of course, there are those who do not believe in the Infinite; there are also those who do not believe in the sun, because they are blind” -Victor Hugo. 

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center


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