Muffle Not That Bell

What would be the opinion of a ship’s captain who, when sailing off a dangerous coast, saw suddenly through the clouds and the mist, the flash of the lighthouse, and instead of at once altering his course, decided to go on a little further and wait for the second or third flash?

He would be guilty, we would say, of criminal folly and carelessness.

Yet as the captains and masters of our souls, we often act as foolishly as the captain of that ship.

An experienced pastor added, “Do not tamper with your conscience. Do not lightly dismiss the distinction which it makes between good and evil as only an inherited prejudice. Muffle not that bell. If it kept you awake last night, thank God that if you did sin, at least your conscience condemned you for it and the Spirit has not departed from you.”

Twice Paul spoke of having a pure conscience.

In 1 Timothy 3:9, he spoke of “holding the faith with a pure conscience.”

Then, in 2 Timothy, he expressed, “I thank God, whom I serve with a pure conscience.”

The word “pure,” in both places, means “clean, clear.”

An Indian described conscience this way: “Conscience has three corners. It stands still when I am good; but when I am bad, it turns around and around in my heart, and the corners hurt. If I keep doing wrong, the corners wear off. Then it doesn’t hurt me anymore.”

“Then keep thy conscience sensitive,
No inward token miss;
And go where grace entices thee.
Perfection lies in this.” - F.W. Faber

 Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center


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