Life's Ultimate Test

The Chinese tell of a student who was disheartened by his difficult studies, and decided to throw away his books in despair.

Then, one day, upon seeing a woman rubbing a crowbar on a stone, he inquired the reason. He was told that she needed a needle and decided to rub down a crowbar until it became small enough to serve as a needle. Inspired by this example of patience and determination, he resumed his studies and became one of the foremost scholars of the empire.

1 Chronicles 11:10 – 47 speaks of “the mighty men whom David had.” As we read further, we are told of their courage and persistence against overwhelming obstacles, yet overcame.

Their legacy is that they “strengthened themselves in his kingdom,” being described as “mighty warriors.” Their accomplishments challenge us yet today, because they refused to quit.

J. Oswald Sanders wrote, "'The hardest part of the journey is the middle mile’ says one writer. ‘There is the enthusiasm of the new undertaking which buoys at the start, the thrill of reaching the goal at the finish. But it is the middle mile when you are a long way from the start and home is still distance that tests the mettle of the runner.

'On the middle mile of life’s pilgrimage, the believer needs most the grace of patient continuance. The soul can summon unusual strength for great sorrows, and extra power for mighty deeds, better than it can master the commonplace. The dangers of fierce battle are preferable to the humdrum of the trenches. There are days when we fly and days when we run, but most days we walk.’”

“The ultimate test of life is not what we attain in possessions or position, but the quality of spirit with which we meet whatever comes.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center


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