Judgment in Proportion

Leslie Weatherhead, considered a liberal British theologian, said,

“Sin is a terrible thing in the universe. Let us never forget that though the idea of hell has been caricatured in a fantastic vulgarity by the generation of our great-grandfathers, we are doing our generation a greater disservice if we make light of sin, and pretend that it does not matter, and that you are all going to the same place, and that God will pat everybody on the head, and say, finally, ‘There, there, it doesn’t matter. I am sure you didn’t mean it. Come, now, and enjoy yourselves.’ We need to remember that the most terrible things ever said were spoken by the most wonderful person who ever lived.”

While some try to minimize the wrath of God, one of the clearest teachings of Scripture, is that judgment will be meted out.

It was emphasized in the Old Testament (1 Chronicles 16:33; Psalm 96:13), and is a basic truth of the gospel (Hebrews 6:2).

Men will be judged for evil acts (Revelation 20:13), evil words (Matthew 12:36, 37; Jude 15), and evil thoughts (1 Corinthians 4:5).

The judgment is referred to as a day of wrath (Revelation 6:17) and the day of judgment, and perdition of ungodly men (2 Peter 3:7).

An infidel was introduced by a gentleman to a minister with a remark,

“He never attends public worship.”

“Ah!” said the minister, “I hope you are mistaken.”

“By no means,” said the stranger. “I always spend Sunday in settling my accounts.”

The minister calmly, and solemnly, replied,

“Then you will find, sir, that the day of judgment will be spent in the same manner.”

“Never forget it; judgment is in proportion, not to how many sins we have committed, but to how much light we have rejected.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center

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