Jaundiced Eyes

George Brazell tells of a father who was riding on a train, holding a baby. Being somewhat uncomfortable, annoyed by improper handling, and disturbed by change in his feeding routine, the baby’s reactions kept everyone around him upset.

Finally, the man sitting on the seat just behind the baby leaned over to the father, and demanded he keep the baby quiet.

The baby’s father replied with weariness that he had done everything he knew to do.

At this, the annoyed passenger yelled, “Then take the baby to its mother!”

With a heart already broken and bleeding with sorrow, the father turned, and said, “I am sorry, but the baby’s mother is riding in her coffin in the car just ahead of us.”

R. C. Sproul wrote, “We view our sin through rose-tinted glasses, and look at the sins of others through jaundiced eyes.”

According to Webster, “jaundiced” means “a soured state of mind in which judgment is distorted.”

James reminded us that there is only one judge, because there is only One who is infallibly able to know the heart of the matter, “So what right do you have to judge or criticize others?” (James 4:12).

"Condemn not, judge not – not to man
Is given his brother’s faults to scan;
One task is yours, and one alone –
To search out and subdue your own.” - Elliott

“Every man, so a very ancient legend goes, is born into the world with two bags handing around his neck. The bag in front is small and full of his neighbor’s fault, while behind him is a large bag filled with his own. This is why men are quick to see the faults in others, and yet are so often blind to their own shortcomings.” 

Remember, “God is the only one in a position to look down on others.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center


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