Indifferent and Careless Obedience

A minister was sitting in a shoeshining parlor. While the proprietor was working on the clergyman’s shoes, they discussed the various current news items, which included all sorts of sad, tragic stories. This lead them to ask why such things happened.

Giving a flick to his cloth, the shoeshiner opined, “I have noticed that, in all these affairs, somebody or some people were doing what they should not be doing, and,” he continued, “most people get into trouble simply because they do not behave themselves.” Then he concluded with what the pastor realized was a wise piece of philosophy,

“If you do right, usually things will be right.”

Christ said, “If you continue in My word, you are My disciples indeed” (John 8:31).

The phrase “If you continue in My word” means “if you live in and keep My commandments.” He was saying, “I won’t reveal my truth to you if you don’t intend to live by it. You’ll know the truth only after you’ve committed to obey.”

The Rothschilds were famous financiers. They required unqualified obedience from their employees.

A story illustrates the fact. They once had an alert young agent in New Orleans. The New York office wired him to sell their cotton holdings on a certain date.

The agent believed that the price of cotton was going up. He delayed the sale for four days. An extra profit resulted.

The young agent sent the Rothschilds a check in full, and explained what he had done.

Back came a check for the extra amount, with a cold note that said,

“The money you made disobeying our orders is yours, not ours. Take it. Your successor sails for New Orleans today.”

The man was fired! They would not have someone work for them who did not take obedience seriously.

“Indifferent obedience to God’s commands is for all purposes disobedience. Careless obedience is dead obedience, for there is no heart in it.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center

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