In The Last Extremity

“And I see the good ship riding all in a perilous road;
The low reef booming in her lee; the swell of ocean poured
Sea after sea, from stem to stern; the mainmast by the board;
The bulwarks down; the rudder gone; the boats stove by the chains.
But courage still, brave mariners, the ANCHOR yet remains:
And He will flinch – no, never an inch – until ye pitch sky high;
Then He moves His head as if He said, ‘Fear nought; for here am I!.”


Genesis 22 is a record of Abraham’s demonstration of his faith in God.

He was told to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. Though bewildered, he walked in obedience to God. At the last moment, God provided a ram instead. Verse 14 says,

“And Abraham called the name of the place, The-Lord-Will-Provide.”

The Jews have a proverb, “In the mountain the Lord will provide,” and the meaning is that even in the last extremity God will provide for those who trust Him.

In a parish church of a small town on the east of Scotland, the evening service was drawing to a close.

The pastor announced the last hymn when, suddenly, the lights went out. After a moment of silence, the worship leader rose, and said, “We cannot manage that hymn, sir, but we can still all sing ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want,’ in the dark.”

“If called, like Abraham’s child, to climb
The hill of sacrifice,
Some angel may be there in time;
Deliverance shall arise.”

“It is better to walk in the dark with God than to go it alone in the light.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center