If There Were Dreams to Sell

In 1994, at age 30, Jeff Bezos came across a report suggesting annual Internet growth at an astonishing 2,300 per cent.

To him, it was a wake-up call, and a dream was born. Bezos made a list of products that could be sold on the Net, and thoroughly researched his top five. Three months later, he left his job as Senior Vice President at a Wall Street investment firm. Bezos and his wife moved to Seattle, and set up shop in a garage.

That was when Amazon.com, the online retailer that bills itself as Earth’s Biggest Book-store, was born. Now Bezos is estimated to be worth billions. Was it simply a matter of the right idea at the right time? Bezos answer is unexpected: Only marginally. “Ideas are easy,” he says. “It’s execution that’s hard.”

The Bible encourages us to dream.

Joseph was “a dreamer,” and we read in Acts 2 that in the last days there will be those who “dream.”

Robert H. Schuller wrote, “I once did a study of those great people we call ‘geniuses.’ I observed a recurring quality in them – the amazing quality of positive, childlike fantasizing. Great people are intuitive and imaginative. They have the capacity to let their minds fly into wild and wonderful flights of fantasy. It was said of Walt Disney that he never stopped being a little boy.”

Every time Wilbur and Orville Wright went out to fly their plane, they would bring enough materials for multiple crashes. Meltzer says, “They would crash and rebuild, and crash and rebuild, and that’s why they took off.” He then added, “If you have perseverance and a dream, and you are stubborn enough, you can do anything in this world.”

“If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center