Hope's Hardest Work

The Garden Grove Community Church in California, founded by Robert H. Schuller, was the first walk-in-drive-in church ever to be built on the Pacific coast.

Most remarkable is the fact that this church would have never been built had it not been for a totally paralyzed lady in her seventies. Before their first sanctuary was erected, Rose Grady was converted. She was completely paralyzed, and could only worship in the drive-in-church. From most indications, she would not live long. So the church board decided to conduct two services of worship, the first at nine-thirty on Sunday morning in the new sanctuary, and the second at eleven o’clock in the drive-in-church theater.

“Until Rosie Grady died” – that was the plan. But she did not die. Months and years passed. Because of this situation, a plan evolved, to hire an architect to build a combination “walk-in-drive-in church, where people could worship either in a sanctuary or vehicle. The idea was embraced, plans developed, money was raised, and a contractor obtained. Strange as it may seem, the day after ground-breaking – the day after the small congregation took the step of faith, Rosie Grady died!

Schuller said, “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

Psalm 27:14 exhorts to “Wait on the Lord.” This means to “wait at His door; wait at His foot with humility; wait at His table with service; wait at His window with expectancy.”

Genesis 25:21 simply says, “Now Isaac pleaded with the Lord for his wife, because she was barren.” This reveals much about patiently waiting in faith and hope.

Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah, but it was a full 20 years before Isaac’s prayer was answered at the age of 60.

“Waiting is the hardest work of hope” (Lewis Smedes).

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center