Head Weight

There is a story of the mighty Roman general, Titus, who conquered Palestine after waging a long and fierce campaign against the Jewish people. The Jews displayed tremendous courage, and sacrificed greatly in their defense of their homeland.

Titus boasted that he was stronger than the God of Israel.

“If it were otherwise,” he said, “I would have never been victorious over the people of Israel.”

Then a voice was heard to say,

“Titus, you fool! You are a slave to vanity! Do you really believe that you are mightier than God? Why, you will be destroyed by the smallest creature by God.”

Soon afterwards, an insect of microscopic size entered his nostril. It could not be removed. Infection followed simple irritation, and eventually it destroyed him.

In India, there is a word for those who are conceited and proud. They say they have “head weight.”

Paul speaks of those who become “puffed up with pride” (1 Timothy 3:6).

This is all one word in the Greek. It comes from typhos, “smoke,” and so literally means “wrap in smoke,” or “besmoked” pride that covers him like a smoky fog.

It also means “delude,’ leading to “filled with insane arrogance.”

A gourd wound itself around a lofty palm, and in a few weeks climbed to its very top.

How old are you?” asked the newcomer.

About a hundred years.”

About a hundred years and no taller! Look, I have grown as tall as you in a few days, that took you years.

I know very well,” replied the palm. “Every summer of my life a gourd has climbed up around me as proud as you are, and as short-lived as you will be!

Conceit is the quicksand of success.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center