God's Time is the Right Time

A man rushed into a suburban railroad station one morning, and, almost breathlessly, asked the ticket agent: “When does the 8:01 train leave?”

“At 8:01 was the answer.”

“Well,” the man replied, “it is 7:59 by my watch, 7:57 by the town clock, and 8:04 by the station clock. Which time am I to go by?”

“You can go by any clock you wish,” said the agent, “but you cannot go by the 8:01 train, because it has already left.”

Hebrews 2:3 warns of “neglect.”

“Neglect” means “to be careless of.”

Dutch Sheets wrote, “God’s time is moving forward hour by hour, minute by minute. There are multitudes who seem to think they can live by any schedule they choose and that, in their own time, they can turn to God. But His time is the right time. Jesus wept over Jerusalem, saying,

‘You did not recognize the time of your visitation’ (Luke 19:44).

They missed the train.”

This is a warning to all. To Christians, Gypsy Smith pointed out

“how possible it is to take for granted that Jesus is in the company, and yet to be without Him. It is sadly true that Christians may go on taking for granted that they are in fellowship with Him when actually they have drifted away from Him in heart.”

To unbelievers, John Calvin said,

“There are certain preparations which most persons believe they must make at the approach of death; but, alas, it is often too late. The lamp is defiled, the light almost out, and the oil expended; and what adorning is a wretched sinner, struggling in the agonies of death, capable of preparing for his guilty soul.”

“Many who wait until the eleventh hour to be saved, often die at ten thirty!”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center