During a lunch break, in the teacher’s lounge, a conversation centered on one of the rather disruptive, rude and ill-mannered students.

One teacher complained, “I don’t know what to do with him! He doesn’t do his work, and his constant talking is driving me up the wall.” “Yes,” agreed the auto-shop teacher. “He has a four-cylinder mind, and an eight-cylinder mouth.”

The New Testament speaks of those who act “unseemly” (Romans 1:27; 1 Corinthians 13:5). The Greek word for “unseemly” means “shameful or disgraceful behavior,” whether it be in the context of sexual immorality, or public behavior.

They are defined by Webster as “curmudgeon’s,” those who are “surly, ill-mannered, and cantankerous.” Warning: Such behavior may satisfy an arrogant ego, but it will eventually reap negative results.

A woman’s flight was delayed from Boston to New York City, so she missed her connection home to Seattle. She joined a group of other passengers in line at the ticket counter, each hoping to book seats on the next flight to that destination. All of the travelers waited patiently except for one man, who treated the agent very rudely. “I had an aisle seat reserved, and I better get an aisle seat when I get on another plane,” he demanded gruffly.

A few minutes later, everyone was relieved when they learned that there would be room for all.

“And sir,” the ticket agent said, turning to the obnoxious man, “I am happy to tell you that you will have an aisle seat.” Still muttering, he grabbed his carry-on, and stomped away.

“And I am also happy to announce,” the agent continued, “that the rest of you will be seated in first class!”

“Don’t get into the habit of telling people where to get off, unless you are a bus driver.”

© 2012 Dave Arnold