A Little Child Shall Lead Them

A seemingly endless drought struck a small community of Midwest farmers. They were in a quandary as to what to do. The rain was vital, not only for their crops, but to sustain the area’s entire way of living.

As the problem continued, the local church decided to get involved.

They called a prayer meeting to ask God for rain.

The pastor watched as the people walked in. He went from group to group, as he made his way to the platform to begin the meeting. People were visiting across the aisles, as they enjoyed socializing with their friends and acquaintances.

As the pastor stood before the congregation, he focused on quieting the crowd, and starting the prayer.

Just as he called the meeting to order, he noticed an 11-year-old girl sitting in the front row. She was glowing with excitement, and lying next to her, was her bright red umbrella, poised for use.

The pastor’s heart was deeply moved by her innocence.

He realized this little girl possessed faith that he and the other’s seemed to have forgotten. You see, they had come to pray for rain…she had come to see God answer!

Isaiah 11:6, “A little child shall lead them.”

Hebrews 11:2 declares, “For it (their faith) the elders obtained a good report.”

The Greek word “obtained” here means “to bear witness, to become a testimony.” They had a settled, anchored faith, which became a testimony to the world of God’s faithfulness in the midst of troubled times.

“Faith is an unshakeable confidence that God will do what He said.”

Pastor David Arnold
Gulf Coast Worship Center