Your Experience of Christ

Lubeck Cathedral is a large Lutheran church in Lubeck, Germany. It was started in 1173 by Henry the Lion as a cathedral for the Bishop of Lubeck.

The following epitaph was engraved on an ancient slab in the famous building:

Thus Speaketh Christ our Lord to us:

“Ye call me Master and obey me not;

Ye call Me Light, and see Me not;

Ye call me Way, and walk Me not;

Ye call Me Fair, and love Me not;

Ye call Me Rich, and ask Me not;

Ye call Me Eternal, and seek Me not;

Ye call Me Gracious, and trust Me not;

Ye call Me Just, and fear Me not;

If I condemn ye, blame Me not.”1

“What good is it to mouth the words, ’Lord! Lord!’ if you don’t live by My teachings? What matters most is that you hear them, and actually live by them” (Luke 6:46, 47).

“Make your experience of Christ move you to make your boast in Christ Himself, not in the experience.”2


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