A Full Line of Credit Restored

In Tough Minded Faith for Tender Hearted People, the late Robert H. Schuller stated, “Jesus Christ has never failed once to forgive anyone who honestly and sincerely asked for forgiveness.

Jesus Christ has a 100 percent record of keeping His word.

One of the classic translations of the petition of the Lord’s Prayer used the words ‘forgive us our debts’ (Matthew 6:12).

That is what happens when Christ forgave you. He pays the mortgage off. He eliminates the moral and spiritual debt you added up against Him. Your full line of credit is restored in Him.”1

In Matthew 6:12, the word “debts” may be translated “what is due” (NASB), or “an obligation” (NIV).

Here, it obviously has a moral connotation, meaning ‘sin.” ‘Sin’ was conceived of  in terms of a debt owed that could not be repaid.2

“God’s forgiveness is not just a casual statement; it is the complete blotting out of all dirt and degradation of our past, present, and future.”3

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