March 30 - Luke 8:40-56

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Luke 8:40-56

THINK: Do you ever feel the need or pressure to prove yourself? It's not a comfortable feeling, and it can cause a lot of anxiety and insecurity. Wouldn't it be nice to be free of concern over what people think or what is expected of you? That freedom comes from knowing exactly who you are, what you are capable of and what your purpose is. No human has ever been more self-aware than Jesus. Neither has anyone been more aware of the people, problems and needs around Him. And certainly, no one has ever been more capable and compassionate in meeting those needs. Jesus didn't do things for people out of a need to prove himself or to show off His miraculous power. Rather, He responded to individual's faith because He loved them and wanted to honor to His Father through them.

RESPOND: What does the instance of the woman who touched Jesus clothes and was healed tell us about how God's power can work through an individual? What does this situation teach about godly faith (cf. vv. 43-48)? If you were in Jairus' place, do you think you would have been able to accept Jesus words, without any fear or doubt, that your daughter would be healed? Why or why not? What do these instances of healing reveal about Jesus and about God's character. In what ways do they challenge your faith? Why do you think that Jesus ordered the parents not to tell anyone what had happened (v. 56)?

PRAY: Ask God to continually work in you and prepare you to be used by Him in powerful ways. Ask Him to strengthen your faith and trust in Jesus. Pray also that you will develop Jesus' character more and more, and that you will demonstrate His compassion to people who are hurting and in need .

ACT: Call or visit someone you know who is ill or needs physical healing of some sort. Spend a little time encouraging them, but also let them know that you simply want to pray with them. Do so on the spot, and then continue to pray throughout the week.


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