January 30 - Matthew 21:1-32

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Matthew 21:1-32

THINK: Approaching things from God's perspective will seldom be popular, but it will change lives. Throughout His life and ministry on earth, Jesus demonstrated that God's view of authority, power, position and leadership was vastly different from the world's concept. Though Jesus accepted His rightful worship as God's Son, He exemplified humility in all He did. He didn't care what people thought about His approach when it came to delivering His message or fulfilling His Father's plan. In order to influence others as Jesus did, you must not worry about people's perceptions. Instead, you must pursue God's purposes.

RESPOND: Why did Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey? What did the crowds' actions reflect about their view of Jesus at that point? ("Hosanna" means "O, Save"; see Mark 11:9 note) Do you think the people comprehended Jesus true mission and purpose? Why or why not? Why did Jesus respond as He did in the temple area? What does this indicate about Jesus mission and purpose? (See 21:12 note.) What do you think Jesus was trying to teach His disciples about faith by His actions and words regarding the fig tree? (See 21:21-22 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you become more like Jesus in humility and in passion for God's purposes. Pray that you will not follow your own emotions, but that you will be stirred to action by the things that God is passionate about. Ask God to strengthen your faith and dependence on Him as you spend time in prayer.

ACT: Be careful in your actions and conversations throughout the day to ensure that you are not behaving in an arrogant, prideful or selfish way. When you find your emotions being stirred, stop to consider how Jesus might feel and how He would act in your situation. Then respond in a way that honors Him.

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