January 29 - Matthew 20:17-34

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Matthew 20:17-34

THINK: What does it take to be great? Consider the concept that many people have of greatness. What are some of the ways people attempt to achieve greatness by worldly standards? Think about some of the people whom the world tends to regard as great leaders and achievers. Would most of these individuals be "great" in God's eyes? Many people aspire to be great at what they do, which can certainly be a good thing. But those who desire to follow Christ must reassess their concept of greatness so that they measure success by God's standard.

RESPOND: Why do you think Jesus told the disciples ahead of time what was going to happen to Him? What did Jesus mean when He asked the disciples if they were prepared to drink from His cup (v. 22)? Why were the other disciples mad at James and John? What did this indicate about their spiritual maturity and what they needed to learn about leadership? How does a person become "great" in God's kingdom? (See 20:26 note.) How is God's measure of true leadership and authority different from the world's? How did Jesus ultimately model these principles in His own life? (See 20:28 note.) What can you learn from how the blind men responded to Jesus and how Jesus responded to them (vv. 29-34)?

PRAY: Ask God to help you do your best at whatever you do, but to keep you humble in the process. Ask God for wisdom to discern true greatness and for help in following Jesus' example of servant leadership.

ACT: As a means of reflecting Jesus character and influencing others for Him, look for opportunities throughout the day to serve others in practical ways. Resist the tendency to be prideful about your efforts. If you are not actively involved in a service role at your church, talk to a leader about finding a place of ministry.

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