Age Spots, Pimple Cream and Stupidity

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Once I saw a commercial. This goofy teenager went to a party but the other kids shunned him. He left downcast.

And how had he sinned to deserve such treatment? He had a pimple!

But luckily for him, the television people had a marvelous solution "pimple cream!"

He put that miraculous paste on, went to a party, and the girls mobbed him. (Some of you teenage guys are saying, 'Hmmm...what was the name of that cream?')

I thought, How stupid!

Later, I saw a commercial starring a lady of a certain age, that's a nice way of saying old!

One day she looked at her hand and saw an unsightly brown spot: an age spot! She was horrified.

Afterwards when her friends asked her to go and do things with them she was ashamed and refused. She covered the age spot self-consciously with her other hand. Fortunately for her another company had just the solution.

They had invented something that took away age spots, so she used it and voila.