When It's Good To Stink

In our cleanliness-crazed culture, not many people have the courage to say it, but I will. Sometimes, it's an advantage to stink! Think about this. Here's a basketball player before the big game. He showers, puts on deodorant and aftershave, making sure to change his socks. He wants to smell good in case he crashes into the chairs near the cheerleaders while chasing a loose ball. Now there's three-seconds left in the game and the ball is in our hero's hands, but he can't get loose for a good shot because his defender is stuck to him like glue. Should never have happened. If our good man had refused to take baths for three weeks, if he had worn his socks steadily for 321 hours, if he had used one of those nasty deodorants which turn traitor and goes over to the enemy the first time that sweat touches it--if he had done all these things here is what would have happened. Three seconds left in the game, the ball is in our hero's hands, his defender desperately want to guard him, but he had a belly-full of bad smell the whole game and he stands off just a bit. Old dead eye takes advantage of the little space and pops up for an easy jump shot”"voil