Broken Down On the Place de Concord

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One of the nice things about having visitors here is that it gives me an excuse to show them the city of Paris. Otherwise I have to work.

Just before Christmas I took two Brazilian pastors into the center of Paris to look around. One of the men pastors a church in northern France while the other came from Brazil to visit him. The visitor remarked, 'When I talked to my wife on the phone, and she heard that I was visiting Paris, she said, ”˜Paris is romantic!'”

I took the Toyota that day. I had been hearing a funny sound in the motor and I had thought to myself, 'I wonder if that alternator belt is loose”"or if the alternator is going out.” But the sound wasn't too bad and it didn't seem to be getting worse, and I'd heard it a long time, so I didn't worry about it. It would probably get better, huh?

That day Paris Christmas decorations were dampened by a cold rain but for those seeing it for the first time it's still impressive”"a cappuccino next to Notre Dame cathedral beats Starbucks any day.

Darkness falls early in December and I wanted to show them the Avenue des Champs-