Mrs. Table?

French and many other continental European languages have a peculiarity that drives English speakers crazy”"their nouns are either masculine or feminine. No one seems to be able to pronounce the simple little word 'the” so everything is either la or le in French. Maybe a long time ago, when the French and the English fought all the time, the cave-men French tried to come up with a fail-safe method to stop the cave-men English invaders. 'If we could invent a tank that spouted fire, and ran on tracks we could beat them,” volunteered little Pierre. 'Have you been sneaking into the wine again, little Pierre?” said his father. 'Nothing like that will ever exist.” But one day some one must have come up with a fool-proof method to stop their enemies. 'Let's make all our words either masculine or feminine. That way when they yell horrible things at us, they will be confused and we'll defeat them." If that was what happened, it must have worked something like this: A big English soldier yells at the French lined up against them: 'Rendez-vous petite esp