Hot Flashes!

Once a friend of mine prayed for people at the end of a church service. That day his wife was taking pictures. Afterwards, one of the young men who had received prayer came to talk to my pastor friend. 'Pastor, something strange happened while you were praying for me. It's like there was a flash of light. What do you think it means?” My friend may have been tempted to offer a super-spiritual explanation but he simply told him that it was probably the flash from his wife's camera. Have you ever had a flash? I'm not talking to you ladies over 50. 'Flashes? Sweetie, you don't know the half of it. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to smother.” Not hot flashes, but a 'flash,” when suddenly you see something you'd never completely seen before. It happened to me once at the end of a service when I was still in Luxembourg. I had preached on our need to forgive others, and had noted that on the Cross Jesus even said, '"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing," to those who hadn't even asked for forgiveness. One of my friends, Andr