If You Goof Up, Get Up!

I heard a lady somewhere lament, 'I knew that it wasn't God's will for me to marry that person, but I did it anyway and now I'm paying the price,”? Often people who speak like this are explaining that their mate is the reason why they are not accomplishing God's purpose for their life or why they're divorcing someone they can't put up with anymore. I got to thinking about it. You know, that lady messed things up for the entire world. How's that David? Well, if she married someone she wasn't supposed to marry, then her husband also married out of God's will. And the two people who married the ones that should have married them, also missed God. As did the ones that married the ones that shouldn't have married the ones, who shouldn't have married the one. You following me? So by my reckoning, probably everyone in the world married out of God's will because of that one goofy woman.

It's Not Like That!

It's not like that. You know the good thing about God's will? If you miss it, you aren't finished. He still gives you a chance. I told you about some of my 'lost” escapades in Paris. One of the first happened when we were invited by our friends Jean-Francois et Francine (plus their handsome sons) to eat with them one evening. This family lives on the west side of the ring around Paris. We were supposed to be at their house around seven but for some reason we took the wrong way and found ourselves on the ring going east. No problem, we'll call”"hmmm, except the cell phone battery was empty. So I had to stop at a service station, buy a phone card and call. I found that I was on the wrong side of Paris, and faced rush-hour traffic to try to get back the other way. We raced along like a sore-footed snail. When we finally got to the right exit we pulled off and waited on the right side of the ring where I thought our friend was waiting for us, but from my description Jean-Francois thought I was coming from the other way and he waited on the left side of the ring. It was a high-stress situation and I was tempted just to say we'd missed it and go home but ... we finally made connections and got there-- two hours late-- but we got there. Was it worth it? Well, Fran