May 2 - Filled to the Brim

By Lillian Sparks

Today's Scripture: John 2:5

Central Thought: Simple obedience often brings miraculous results.

    Has God ever asked you to do something that doesn't make much sense? Sometimes God's instructions may defy all human logic or reason. Filling water pots may not have made any sense to those servants, but they did it anyway. Obedience to Him is always the crux of the matter. Simply obey. That's the main ingredient for a miracle!

    Jesus chose to perform His first supernatural sign at a wedding, a joyous celebration. Some people have questioned why Jesus would begin His earthly ministry by attending a party. Yet, Jesus was full of joy and came to give 'abundant life” to His followers. No doubt, this nameless couple was delighted that Jesus and His disciples had accepted their wedding invitation. This tells us that Jesus was interested in ordinary people—people just like you and me. Here He was at a party providing beverages for the guests!

    The joy was soon turned into disappointment. There was no more wine—a cultural disaster for the bride and groom! Panic must have erupted in the kitchen. Mary quickly told Jesus about the dilemma, and He was prepared and willing to do a miracle. All that was necessary for a miracle to take place was for the servants to listen to Mary's advice, perhaps the best advice in the world—'Whatever Jesus says to you, do it!” Here is the secret for any miracle. If Jesus tells you to do something, then do it!

    Jesus gave the servants three commands, and they immediately obeyed: 'Fill,” 'Draw,” and 'Bear.” Somewhere between the time that they filled the six jars to the brim and carried them to the feast, the water was transformed into wine—not just ordinary wine, but the best wine! In fact, the wedding coordinator was so impressed, he questioned why the best was saved for the last. Obedience brings personal joy and a display of God's glory. The disciples now believed and trusted in Jesus.

    What is the lesson for us today? When we respond in obedience to God's commands, He will fill our lives to the brim with abundant blessings. Just like the apostle Peter, we can make his response our life's motto—'At thy Word.”

Devotional Prayer: Jesus, help me to respond to Your word in complete obedience, even if it seems contrary to human reason or logic. Show me that obedience releases God's blessing and supernatural power in my life. 'At thy Word,” anything is possible!

Today's Bible Reading: Judges 15:1-16:31; John 2:1-25; Psalm 103:1-22; Proverbs 14:17-19