January 14 - God's Words are Flawless

Devotional Scripture: Psalm 12:1, 2, 6, 7-8

Central Thought: We can count on the Word of God.

    Imagine sitting down to watch a ballgame already knowing that your team will win. You do not know how your team will win, or even the final score, but you know it will win. Now imagine that your team is behind on the scoreboard. If it is a football game, your team is losing by two touchdowns at halftime. If it is a baseball game, your team allows some runs in early innings, and the other team's pitcher looks unbeatable. If it is a basketball game, your team is shooting and rebounding poorly.

    However, you have been assured by a source whose words are 'flawless” (to use an adjective from Psalm 12:6) that your team will win. No matter how badly things have gone to this point in the game, and despite no signs that things will get any better, there remains no question that your team will win. That is David's situation in today's passage. He writes in the first two verses that the situation is disheartening. The culture of the day was churning out faithless and deceptive people. Yet He closes this psalm with confidence. Despite no signs from the conditions around him that anything better is ahead, there remains no question that God will protect His people forever.

    Just as you might be curious as to how your favorite team will pull off its victory, David might have wondered exactly how God planned on defeating the discouraging circumstances. But he was assured that it would happen, because God had given His Word, and His Words are 'flawless.” Are you facing disheartening circumstances? Trust God to come through for you as He did for David. He doesn't lie. His Words are true and faithful.

Devotional Prayer: Our Father, in a changing world, I thank you for your Word that is unchangeable.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 30:1-31:16; Matthew 10:1-25; Psalms 12:1-8; Proverbs 3:13-15