January 3 - The Secret to Finding Favor With God

Devotional Scripture: Genesis 6:8

Central Thought: Finding favor with God comes through obedience to Him.

    Earth's young history was on the brink of disaster. As the population expanded, so did the wickedness. Men and women became more evil with every passing generation. God's new earth began to groan because its citizens chose a course of behavior that did not match God's purpose for His creation.

    One day God had all He could take, and plans to destroy the earth and every living creature could be sensed by those who were close to Him. In the midst of this pre-destruction dawn, a bright spot emerged—Noah, because he found 'favor in the eyes of the Lord” (Genesis 6:8). Genesis describes Noah as a man of morals and principles, a godly statesman unaffected by the wickedness that pervaded the earth. He was so special that God gave him directions for building an ark so he, his family, and some animals could escape the impending wrath of God.

    How did Noah find favor with God? The secret seems to be revealed in Genesis 6:22 and 7:5—Noah obeyed God. God places a high premium on obedience to Him and His Word.

    We may be good people, people of morals and principles. We may live by faith. But without obedience, we may be missing one of the most important blessings in life—the secret to finding favor with God.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, teach me to understand that the secret to reaching your heart is through a life of obedience to Your will and Your Word.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 5:1-7:24; Matthew 3:7 – 4:11; Psalm 3:1-8; Proverbs 1:10-19