December 4 - Awaiting Your Orders

By Don Bailey

Today's Scripture: Psalm 123:1-4

Central Thought: God desires an attitude of willing obedience.

    Where would heroes be without their sidekicks? We could not imagine the Lone Ranger without Tonto, Batman without Robin, or the Green Hornet without Kato. These sidekicks play the important role of always being there for the hero they work with. When their boss needs some help, you can count on their cooperation.

    In Psalm 123, a song of ascents sung by temple worshippers, David compares his desire to obey God with a slave or a maid's unswerving focus on their master's needs. Wise servants knew they needed to be ready to do whatever their master needed whenever their master needed them. For their part, failure to be so focused could have carried some severe and even fatal consequences.

    We do not serve a God who looks for the first opportunity to punish us, but we do serve a God who is far more deserving of our loyalty than any human master could ever be. We need to consider our own level of obedience to God. Are we always ready to obey Him whenever He might direct us, or do we reserve the right to obey Him only at our convenience?

Devotional Prayer: Lord, guide me into developing a passion for obeying You.

Today's Bible Reading: Daniel 11:36-12:13; 1 John 4:1-21; Psalm 123:1-4; Proverbs 29:2-4