February 15 - A Demonstration of Christ's Power

By Richard L. Schoonover

Today's Scripture: Mark 1:1-28

Central Thought: If we put our trust in Christ, He will give us hope.

    For years the people of Israel looked for their Messiah; but when He came, they did not recognize Him. He came in a way they were not expecting. Mark gives an account of the testimony of John the Baptist and his recognition of Jesus as the promised Messiah.

    Unlike Matthew and Luke, Mark does not focus on the birth of Christ. Rather, Mark points to the beginning of Christ's ministry and the demonstration of His power. While John the Baptist was not the promised Messiah, he brought a message of hope. Through Christ would come salvation and the promised Holy Spirit (Mark 1:1-8).

    One thing is readily evident about Christ's ministry—His authority (Mark 1:22). He taught with authority, and He exercised authority over evil spirits. The power and authority of Christ are available for you today. Christ provided victory for every spiritual battle you face when He defeated Satan on the Cross.

    Some of John's followers heard Christ's message and recognized that He was sent from God. Although this was not the first time they had met Jesus (John 1), this time they immediately began to follow Him.

    Perhaps God has been asking you to step out in faith and follow Him. Maybe you have never accepted Christ as your Savior and this would be your step of faith. Or perhaps God has been speaking to you about becoming involved in a ministry in your church and you are afraid of failure. Remember, Christ's power will provide the strength you need to serve Him.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, I ask for Your strength and power to fulfill Your will for my life.

Today's Bible Reading: Exodus 39:1-40:38; Mark 1:1-28; Psalm 35:1-16; Proverbs 9:11-12