January 19 - Are Your Roots Strong?

By Alice Northcutt

Today's Scripture: Matthew 13: 23

Central Thought: Some plants must develop a tenacious root system to survive in the soil where they are planted.

    Not every seed that is sowed or planted will come up, and many of the young plants that do spring up will soon wither and die.

Four factors contribute to the success or failure of a plant to emerge and thrive: the seed, the soil, the sun, and the root system.

First, the seed that is planted will determine the kind of plant that will emerge.

Second, the condition of the soil will determine the chances for the young plant to live and grow.

Third, the sun will either help or hinder the growth of the plant.

And fourth, the tenacity of the root system of the plant will determine if it can survive in its surroundings.

    A plant has no control over its origin, the soil into which it is planted, or the amount of sunlight it will receive. But some plants can survive even the worst growing conditions. Perhaps you feel that you are a plant that has sprung up in the desert or in rocky soil. It takes a very special—and very strong—plant to survive such growing conditions. The root system of the plant that survives adverse circumstances reaches out to, searches for, and somehow finds good soil with sufficient moisture and nutrients to sustain it. 

   May we each accept the challenge to develop a spiritual root system that will enable us to overcome obstacles and temptations. May we grow into healthy, thriving plants that will also bear fruit as we share God's Word and love with others, that they may also develop a root system that will weather the storms of life.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me to develop a strong spiritual root system as I depend on You to help me through every struggle I face, and give me wisdom and strength to bear fruit and help others develop a strong spiritual root system.

Today's Bible Reading: Genesis 39:1-41:16; Matthew 12:46-13:23; Psalm 17:1-15; Proverbs 3:33-35