Called by God as a Team

      Sam Jones (1847 – 1906) was an American lawyer and alcoholic from Georgia. He was powerfully converted to Christ, becoming a prominent Methodist revivalist preacher across the Southern United States. When he entered the ministry, his wife told him she had married a lawyer, not a preacher, and would never be a Methodist minister’s wife. Sam told her that he would preach the gospel, even if it meant doing so without her accompanying him. The night, before he left for a Conference, she was taken violently ill. She had said that if Sam became a preacher, she would have to be removed first. It looked as if she were going to be removed. She promised God then and there that if He would save her life, she would be the best preacher’s wife she knew how to be. She recovered and kept her promise, becoming his most faithful partner in ministry. 1

      According to 1 Corinthians 9:5, Peter’s wife accompanied him in his ministerial travels, staying by his side, as they labored for Christ together.

      “Without Ruth’s partnership and encouragement over the years, my own work would have been impossible. We were called by God as a team” (Billy Graham). 2


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