Renewing the Commission

      D. L. Moody had a highly successful ministry, influencing both the United States and England. Two older ladies consistently prayed that he might have a renewed commission – and he did for many, many years. Moody was so moved by this, that Dr. C. I Scofield said in all the years he was associated with D. L. Moody, his friend, the great evangelist rarely prayed with him without asking God to renew Scofield’s commission. Scofield said, “That petition always gave me food for thought, and sometimes in anxious thought. Was it indeed true that I was going on in my ministry under an expired commission? Or, if matters were not at that sad pass, had the signature of my Master upon it grown dim?” Resulting from this was the great Scofield Reference Bible, still powerfully impacting people in the 21st. century. They both kept a renewed commission.1

      Caleb said, “I am this day eighty-five years old. Now therefore, give me this mountain” (Joshua 14:10, 12).

      I have no thought of retiring. I would say with Caleb, “…give me this mountain. I am not asking for molehills. Too many cowards are cringing before the giants of Anak. God give us Calebs looking for mountains to conquer!”2


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