The Old Motto over the Gate of Glasgow

      A pastor in Florida lamented that it was very difficult to get his messages across to his congregation. “It’s so beautiful here in the winter,” he said, “that heaven doesn’t interest them. And it’s so hot in the summer that hell doesn’t scare them!”1

      “Go out and preach the Word! Go, whether it’s an opportune time or not! Reprove, warn, and encourage; but do so with all the patience and instruction needed to fulfill your calling, because a time will come when some will no longer tolerate sound teaching. Instead, they will live by their own desires” (2 Timothy 4:2, 3).

      The late George W. Truett, D.D., pastor of The First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, said, “Napoleon has a way of saying, ‘Conquest has made me what I am, and conquest must maintain me.’ Certainly, this pungent saying vitally applies to the church. As of old all roads led to Rome, so the message and mission of Christ are to be supreme in the life of a church. The old motto over the gate of Glasgow is the right motto to be emblazoned everywhere: ‘Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of the Word.’”2


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