A "Lazy Preacher" Generation

      An old man was speaking about his family. “The first one is a doctor… the second one stays out all night, too… the third one is a lawyer, and the fourth one won’t tell the truth, either. The fifth one is a school teacher…and the sixth one is always broke, too… The seventh one is a preacher…and the eighth one… well, he won’t work either.”1

      “Fully perform (with faithful diligence) all the duties of your ministry” (2 Timothy 4:5).

      “The preaching ministry is not a career choice; it’s a calling by God. To proclaim God’s Word is a high calling, and it should be approached with a sense of respect and dedication. Unfortunately, many preachers of my generation are ‘lazy preachers.’ It seems that many do not have any real urgency for souls, dedication to Christ, or humility at their responsibility to stand and speak the very Word of God each week. Where is the faithful pastor-theologian who loves the Word and loves people at the same time? Where is the man who sinks deep into the Word with rigorous study in order to love the people on Sunday by feeding them the truth of God? We are living in a ‘lazy preacher’ generation!” (Charles Spurgeon)2


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