Complaining Churches

     If the pastor is young, he’s inexperienced. If over 50, he’s too old. If he has 5 or 6 children, he has too many. If none, he’s setting a bad example.

If he uses notes, his sermons are canned and dry. If he is extemporaneous, he is shallow. If he is attentive to the poor, he is trying to grandstand. If he pays attention to the wealthy, he is trying to be an aristocrat.

If he uses illustrations, he neglects the Bible. If not, he’s vague. If he condemns sin, he’s legalistic. If he doesn’t, he is a compromiser. If he preaches the truth, he’s offensive. If not, he’s a hypocrite.

If he fails to please everybody, he’s hurting the church. If he does please everybody, he lacks convictions. If he teaches tithing, he’s covetous. If he doesn’t, he’s fearful.

If he drives an old car, he shames the congregation. If a new one, he is materialistic. If he does all the preaching, the people get tired of hearing ONE man; if not, he’s shirking his responsibility.

If he expects a reasonable salary, he’s mercenary. If he’s satisfied with little, it proves he isn’t worth much.1

     “The people complained, and it displeased the Lord” (Numbers 11:1).

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  1. The Sunshine Bulletin, Peninsular Florida District of the Assemblies of God, Lakeland, Florida, September 1965